IV therapy can be used for a wide spread variety of issues. These include dehydration, illness, performance, hangovers, and even for wellness purposes. These infusions put fluids, medications, and vitamins directly into the blood stream for fast and effective absorption.
Water, medications, and vitamins taken orally must pass through the digestive system in order to be effective. When taking oral medication approximately 30% is absorbed by the body prior to elimination. When administered IV 90-95% is absorbed. This provides faster and strong relief of symptoms.

IV therapy can be holistic. Vitamins used in therapy can provide immunity from illness and prevent illness from occurring. Treatment can be used before or after a major sporting or outdoor event to prevent fatigue, replaced lost vitamins and electrolytes, and for muscle recovery. Therapy can be used during illness to boost immune system, manage symptoms, and speed of recovery times. Dehydration related to alcohol can be used to cure symptoms in combination with medications. Hydration therapy can also be used to manage side effects of chemotherapy treatments.

IV therapy can be customized by the provider to give the recipient the most effective out come for the reasons they have sought treatment. Providers and nurses are educated specifically as to which vitamins and medications are best suited to relieve symptoms and give the most beneficial outcome. If you are looking to feel better quickly, recover faster from illness or sporting event, or simply wish to be prophylactic in your health care IV hydration therapy is the most effective way to do so.

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